Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community


Good attendance to school is intrinsically linked to high attainment and positive wellbeing. Therefore, at Oasis Academy Enfield we place huge importance on our students attending school every day.

It is very important that Sixth Form students aim to attend school every day and are only absent when they are physically too ill to come into school. Our school target for attendance is 96% and we set all students this target.  

Research shows that students who attend school regularly are happier learners than those who miss school on a regular basis. Students who miss school often fall behind with their studies and this will significantly affect results.  We monitor attendance very carefully and you will be contacted if your son/daughter's attendance falls below target. We want all students to be happy to attend school and if you feel that your son/daughter is becoming reluctant to attend school then please do not hesitate to contact one of the Sixth Form team. 

In the case of unavoidable absence, parents should telephone the school before 8.30am and on the day of return to school should provide a letter/email explaining the reason for the absence. 

Sixth Form students are allowed to attend 3 University Open days during the school week in an academic year. 

Driving lessons, dental and medical appointments cannot be arranged during timetabled lesson times. 


  • We believe that attendance and punctuality in the Sixth Form is vital to the well-being and future prospects of our students. 
  • Sixth form students are expected to be on time to all of their lessons, ready to learn and with the correct equipment.