Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Teacher Assessed Grades 2021

This webpage outlines Oasis Academy Enfield's arrangements for GCSE and A Level grades in summer 2021.

In January 2021, the UK Government closed schools and there was a return to remote teaching for most students, to help limit the spread of COVID-19. As many currently studying for their GCSEs and A Levels had experienced disruption during the previous academic year, the UK Government also decided that summer 2021 exams could not be held as usual.

However, grades will be awarded to help students continue to the next stage of their education, training or employment. Following a wide-ranging consultation, the UK Government has agreed that, in place of a full programme of summer 2021 exams, grades for subjects will be based on school assessment of the standard at which young people are performing.

At Oasis Academy Enfield, our students will sit a number of mini assessments across their GCSE or A Level subjects. This allows our students to demonstrate their skills and knowledge to the fullest and best extent. Papers will be anonymised, so marking is as blind as possible to ensure fairness. We have also agreed the following set of principles to guide our processes and decisions:

  • Fairness – our Academy aims to determine grades which are fair to our students given the circumstances;
  • Equity – our Academy will provide support for all and extra support for those who might be most disadvantaged;
  • Transparency – our Academy’s procedures will be accessible and open in order for there to be clear understanding and scrutiny by others;
  • Clarity – our Academy will communicate regularly about our systems and processes with staff, students and their families;
  • Progression – our Academy will aim to give the best grades possible given the evidence available so our students can make important next steps;
  • Validity – there will be checks and balances to ensure the measurement of student performance is accurate; and valid
  • Evidence-based – our Academy will use a range of standardised and moderated information and as broad a base of evidence as possible.

Grading of our GCSE and A Levels will be an academy-wide effort with hard work from our students and our teachers, supported by a statistical modelling process and quality assurance. Our students will receive grades following this process, with input from teachers and leaders, quality assurance by a range of leaders, and an exam board sampling system.