Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Working with our Primary Schools

LEARN Sessions

At Oasis Academy Enfield, we think it’s incredibly important to build good relations within our community. We understand how daunting the transition process can be for children. Moving form Primary School to Secondary School is a big step and can be quite daunting. So we have created our ‘LEARN’ sessions!

The Enfield Way is to be the best you can be. The Enfield Way is to LEARN






These are sessions created specifically for primary school students and we invite Y5 & 6 students from all of our local primary schools to come in and visit us at Oasis Academy Enfield and take part in a range of activities and subjects. These include, History, Drama, Food Tech, Website design, Coding, Science and PE. The aim of these sessions is to create a working partnership with local primary schools and allow students to come and experience life at secondary school. We aim to take the worry out of moving to secondary by allowing primary school students to see how we work on a day to day basis, and although we may be a bigger school, there is nothing to fear and actually there are many reasons to be excited and look forward to taking that next step in their education!

We love having the primary schools over to visit with us, so far we have had visits from the following schools:

  • Chesterfield Primary
  • Freezywater Primary School
  • Honilands Primary
  • Prince of Wales

...and we have had some fantastic feedback from students and staff about their experiences when taking part in our sessions. Here is what they have to say about us:


We've had visits from...