Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Meet the Head of Year 7

Welcome to Oasis Academy Enfield

Teresa Dixon - Head of Year 7

My name is Teresa Dickson and I am very proud to be the Head of Year 7 here at Oasis Academy Enfield. I specialise in working with our new students each year to help them through the transition period from Year 6 through to Year 7. I am also a Music Teacher, and I have had the privilege of working at Oasis for the last 12 years. This has given me the opportunity to gain a good understanding of the needs of our students, parents and community.


I understand how difficult this time can be for students and my aim is to help and support them through it and make it as easy, fun and exciting as it should be. I work with a fantastic team of staff at Oasis Academy Enfield who help to create a full circle of pastoral care for every child. We know that your child is unique, so we work to learn and understand how we can best support our students so that they can feel safe, happy and come to school eager to learn and reach their full potential.

At Oasis Academy Enfield, we want our students to LEARN. All of our students are aware of what LEARN means:

  • LEAD

We encourage our students to use LEARN in every aspect of their school life. We recognise and reward our students regularly for demonstrating these skills via rewards assemblies, weekly shout outs and form time competitions, Learn points (Lpoints) and positive calls to parents so that you know how well your child is doing and can share in their achievements. We also have a tailored form time programme that links to LEARN to aid the transition for our new Year 7 students.

Our aim is to make sure that our students are happy, engaged and ready to LEARN and we understand that this depends on us all working together. So I look forward to meeting you and working with you to make sure that your child aspires to achieve all that they can be.