Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Behaviour & Rewards

The key to building positive behaviors and habits is through a strong and well deserved reward system. Here at Oasis Academy Enfield we believe that building our young people's esteem and and confidence through rewards is vital to creating a harmoneous and motivational learning environment. 

Each of our student has a special rewards section built into the back of their planners. Whenever a student displays one of the following behaviours they are given a reward.

  • Excellent presentation of work, or completion of work to a high standard 
  • Great leadership skills, Holding a position of responsibility etc.
  • Excellent effort in class
  • Being courteous of others
  • Great progress over the week
  • Good progress over half term (all green or higher on report)
  • Displays of exceptional kindness to others
  • Sporting excellence, Half term commitment to an Academy club etc.
  • 100% attendance each week

And others such as...