Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Pastoral Care

We know that each of our young people will face different challenges during their educational journey.  To deliver our goal for every student to “be the best they can be,” we commit to a holistic approach that aims to remove all obstacles – academic, social, emotional – so that every single one of our young people can flourish in our school community and beyond.

We know that the most effective learners are happy learners, therefore from the start of your child's journey with us in Year 7 through to the end of Year 13, we aim to make sure they feel supported, challenged and motivated.

For this purpose, we have designed a comprehensive Pastoral Care system to support and empower students in all aspects of academy life.  This includes:

  • Pastoral Leadership led by Form Tutors & Heads of Year
  • Our LEARN Curriculum (+link)
  • Recognition & rewards for positive behaviour
  • School-based mentors & Academy Counsellor
  • Partnerships with external organisations

At the beginning of Year 7, each student is placed in a Form Group and assigned a Form Tutor who is the primary point of contact between student, families and the wider school for pastoral support.  The Form Tutor is led by a Head of Year, who oversees the well-being and progress of the Year Group as a whole. Each year group has an individual member of the Academy Leadership Team dedicated to it, providing further support with Pastoral Care.  In Year 7 and 8, students remain with their Form Groups for the majority of lessons to provide consistency and continuity as they build their confidence and independence.

We invest in high-quality training for our Pastoral Leaders and Inclusion Team, enabling them to deliver and co-ordinate coaching and mentoring to students in need, so that no child is left behind.  We are aware of the strains placed on our young people in the modern world, particularly in light of the pandemic, and have funded an on-site Academy Counsellor who works on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays to provide expert support to students experiencing issues with their mental health.

This provision is integrated in to our work with external partnerships from the local authority under the leadership of Sabah-Rose Morgan – our Safeguarding Manager – and Jennifer Paris – our Mental Health Lead.  If you have any queries or would like to raise a concern about a child’s well-being, please email

We understand that the best way to care for our students is to build bridges between home and school through frequent, honest and fair communication with families.  We are always trying to refine and improve our provision and so would be grateful for any feedback about areas for development. 

Please contact to arrange a call with one of our team.